Monday, February 23, 2009

12 -- Left to Die

Author: Taylor Kincaid
Finished: 2/22/09
My thoughts: This was pretty good. A mystery/thriller set in San Diego featuring a couple of Private Investigators Jenna Capshaw and Ian McSwain. I don't know if there are other books featuring this duo, but would like to learn more about their personal stories. One a recovering alcoholic, the other with a wife in prison on a drug charge. This has nothing to do with the case that they solve in this book, but was an interesting back story. Late one night a single mom accepts a ride home in the parking lot of a bar. After a stop at a gas station a man comes out of the backseat to force them to a desolate spot on a lonesome road. One woman watches as the other is raped. One woman escapes, but is haunted by the lady that she left behind. Our PI's are hired to find out if the good samaritan was left to die, or if she too escaped. With a few twists and turns, the ending was a surprise to me.

3.5 stars

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