Wednesday, June 17, 2009

39 -- Wrong Place Wrong Time

Wrong Place, Wrong Time Wrong Place, Wrong Time by Andrea Kane

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
What begins as a romantic weekend in a cozy cabin turns into a deadly nightmare when Sally Montgomery's companion Frederick Pierson is murdered. But instead of regarding Sally as a missing victim, the police are after her as their prime suspect.

To evade the authorities and a brutal killer, Sally takes to the woods, relying on her wits and basic survival skills to stay alive. Desperate, she calls Pete Montgomery, her ex-husband and former NYPD detective turned private investigator for help. With Sally's life on the line, Monty recruits their daughter Devon to work the case with him.

Devon has her father's cop instincts. As she probes deeper into her mother's disappearance, the investigation brings her closer to uncovering a dangerous Pierson family 'secret' one that could destroy a family empire and its heir apparent, Blake Pierson. Though powerfully attracted to Blake, Devon isn't sure if he's friend or foe. She does know he'll do anything to protect his family. With Devon's heart and Olympic gold at stake, how far will his family loyalty extend?

Time is running out. Danger is closing in. Can Devon prove Sally's innocence before she becomes the killer's next victim?

My thoughts: Good romantic suspense, not great.

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