Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book #24 of 2012

Private:  #1 Suspect (Jack Morgan, #2)Private:  #1 Suspect by James Patterson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I'm liking this new series by Patterson and Paetro. The second installment finds Private Investigations working on 4 cases. I think that's too many for one book. 2 cases would be enough and we could go a little deeper into those two. But, James Patterson and his co authors never really write deep books, most of his library goes to the surface.

The most important case of this book would have to be the one that marks our main man, Jack Morgan, as a murderer of his former assistant and girlfriend Colleen. This case continues to highlight the animosity between Jack and his identical twin brother Tommy. Boy is that one screwed up relationship.

Case #2 has Jack, Del Rio, Cruz, and new to the firm ballet dancer/motorcycle cop Scotty (where does he come up with these characters?) chasing a load of prescription drugs that were stolen from mob boss Carmine. Jack and friends aren't happy about this case, but they don't really have a way out of it.

Case #3 Justine and Scotty are trying to contain a wild actor who has been accused of raping a 14yo and he's absconded with his 16yo co star who ends up at the bottom of a ravine dead.

Case #4 Jack is tracking a killer who is targeting men at a series of high priced hotels owned by a woman who wants to be called Jinx. Who the hell wants to be called Jinx?  Anyway, the team discovers all the men have had 'escorts' in their rooms and track the killer from there. This was probably the most interesting of the cases for me.

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