Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Book #1 of 2012 The Drop by Michael Connelly

The DropThe Drop by Michael Connelly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love Harry Bosch and really enjoyed both the cases in this one.
Case #1 Harry is asked by the powers that be to investigate the apparent suicide of Irvin Irving's son George. Was it suicide or was it murder related to his job as an attorney/lobbyist. Was there impropriety attached to his handling of a cab company's bid for a new locale 'lease'? While this mystery was apparently solved in this installment, there is still an angle that Harry may explore further in the next.
Case #2 an Open Unsolved case with some odd DNA evidence that leads to an undiscovered serial killer. This case had an unsatisfying end for me. I'd have liked to seen more investigation into the crimes of Chill.
Case #2 also brought a new lady into Harry's life. Might the romance continue? I'd also like to see more of Harry's daughter in subsequent books. I'm also liking Harry's partner Chu and interested in how Harry's relationship with Kiz goes forward. Unlike some of my favorite  characters and series, this one continues to hold my attention and I'll definitely be reading #17 when it's published. Thanks to Michael Connelly for continuing to write good books with characters and story lines I care about!

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