Wednesday, March 25, 2009

18 -- A Wicked Snow

Author: Gregg Olsen
Finished: 3/24/09
Synopsis: Hannah Griffin was a girl when tragedy struck on her family’s farm. She still remembers the flames reflected against the newly fallen snow and the bodies the police dug up - one of them her mother’s. It was the nation’s worst murder scene in decades and the killer was never found.Twenty years later Hannah is a talented CSI investigating a case of child abuse when the past comes hurtling back. Years of buried questions are brought to life. A killer with unfinished business is on the hunt. And an anonymous message turns Hannah’s blood cold: Your Mom called...

My thoughts: I really liked this book alot. It certainly kept my attention. I was a little bit put off by the way it kept the 'tragedy' a mystery for so long, but it really worked to make me want to read more. I will definitely try to find others by Gregg Olsen

4.5 stars

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