Sunday, March 15, 2009

16 -- Close Enough to Kill

Author: Beverly Barton
Finished: 03/15/09

Close Enough To Touch

He’s their secret admirer, wooing them with phone calls, love letters, and special gifts. From a distance, he admires them. Desires them. Despises them. And when he gets close enough, he kills them all.

Close Enough To Kiss

Adams County, Alabama, is a small, friendly place where everyone knows each other -- but not well enough, it seems, because Sheriff Bernie Granger has a serial killer on her hands, a total psycho who stalks, woos, kidnaps and kills his victims. It’s Bernie’s first big case, a chance for her to prove herself to her new boss, former Memphis police detective Jim Norton, but it won’t be easy. This killer is uncannily smart. It’s as if he knows what Bernie’s thinking. And his next move is more than shocking -- it’s chillingly personal.

Close Enough To Kill

A terrifying game is underway. A desperate hunt has begun. And a rookie sheriff is determined to stop a killer at all costs. But is she getting nearer to catching him or drawing far too close to his deadly flame?

My thoughts: I enjoyed this Romantic Suspense. I was disappointed that I picked out the killer fairly early on, but it was still fun to read. I especially liked that the setting was Northeast Alabama. That's home and all the real places that the author used in this book made me feel like I was a part of it. While the main county and town were fictional the surrounding places were real. There was a tad too much romance and not quite enough suspense, but altogether worth the read.

3 stars

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