Monday, March 23, 2009

17 --In the Blood

Author: Don Donaldson
finished: 03/21/09

A survivor of leukemia, Dr. Holly Fisher is ready to resume her life. Her first step: to have a child using eggs that were saved before she underwent the fertility-killing cancer treatment. But to her horror, Holly learns that her eggs have been stolen from the fertility clinic, taken by a man posing as her lawyer and armed with her death certificate.

Angry, hurt, and bewildered, Holly vows to track down the person who stole her most precious dream—never realizing that her attempts to make sense out of a mysterious theft will land her in the middle of a scientific and medical nightmare. An ethical horror that will put her and countless others in the path of a man willing to destroy the laws of nature—and anyone who opposes him...

My thoughts: Not one of my favorites. This one was a little bit too predictable and didn't hold my attention.

1 star

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