Friday, October 7, 2011

Book 54 of 2011 Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

Never KnowingNever Knowing by Chevy Stevens
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Reading the blurb for this book really excited me. I was so anxious to read it and immediately put it on my hold list at the library. When they emailed and called to let me know it was available I rushed over to get it, put down the book I had started earlier and dug in. So...maybe my expectations were too high?

Sara is adopted and has known it since she was a young child. After her adoption her parents had 2 natural daughters and Sara has always felt like the odd man out. She decides to find her birth mother and after finding her discovers that her father is a serial killer and her mother was the only victim that got away. The RCMP are still trying to find the Campsite Killer and Sara is convinced to become the bait to capture him.

The police officers (one of whom becomes a 2nd villain) are too ridiculous for words. The phone calls are predictable. The interactions with Sara's family are foolish. The boyfriend and his reactions are preposterous. The whole thing is almost mindless and cliche.

I was disappointed.

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