Friday, February 10, 2012

Book 9 of 2012

I'm not really sure if you can count a novella as a book, but for the purposes of my blog I'm going to.

Faint of HeartFaint of Heart by Jeff Strand
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This thriller novella plunges right into a really scary place.Rebecca lives with her husband Gary in Alaska and she has some pretty extensive hangups. She's really, really scared of being alone. Gary and his friends are going on a weekend camping trip and Rebecca's not thrilled to be home alone. When Gary doesn't return by late Sunday afternoon, Rebecca becomes very worried. Then Alan shows up at her door pretending to be a State Trooper. Let the horror begin. What follows is a couple of days of torture for Rebecca, reliving Gary's torture. If Rebecca can relive the entire weekend of torture just like her husband Gary did, the 2 sadistic kidnappers promise they will both live.

I'm not sure I'm really fond of novellas. I think this could be a really great full length novel. There was just a little bit too much violence/gore for me, but if you like sick shit, this is definitely gonna be right up your alley.

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