Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book #33 of 2012

The Devil's Bones (Body Farm, #3)The Devil's Bones by Jefferson Bass
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Body Farm series by the writing team of Jon Jefferson and Dr. Bill Bass. This book has 3 mysteries/problems happening. #1 Mary Latham's body is found in a burned out car on her family's farm outside of Knoxville. #2 Dr. Brockton's defense attorney "Grease" asks him to check out the cremains of his Aunt. #3 Garland Hamilton escapes form prison.

#1 -- Seemed to be almost an afterthought. This mystery wasn't the 'biggie' in this book, but was interesting to get the answer to how the fire was set while the suspect was 7 hours away.

#2 -- This story line was definitely based on the real life crematory mess that happened in North Georgia several years ago. My favorite part of this book, but wish Dr. Brockton had been more involved.

#3 -- I'm over the Garland Hamilton mess and am glad this is resolved in this installment.

There seemed to be a few loose ends that weren't tied up to suit me, but perhaps that'll happen in the next book. I want more of Art in the books and I enjoy the peeks into Dr. Brockton's family.

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