Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Eggs!

So this A to Z blogging challenge is just that a real challenge. I've noticed some blogs are going with a theme, all recipes or writing tips, or well just a theme. I didn't limit myself to a theme, but I'm going back to food today.

Eggs, I love eggs. Boiled eggs...isn't Easter coming up soon? I'm so over those flimsy plastic eggs filled with candy. When I was a kid we had real Easter eggs that we  colored them with PAAS egg dye. They weren't fancy usually they were pretty pale because we were too impatient to leave them in the dye long enough. They also were uneven because you had to turn them and we never got it quite right. But man those were fun times and I love eating me some Easter eggs. Now you have all those plastic eggs filled with candy, or just plain old candy eggs. Could that be one reason kids are getting fatter? We certainly didn't eat boiled easter eggs until we were stuffed. A couple and we were done. Candy filled eggs and candy eggs. Kids eat them until they puke! Parents need to get off their lazy asses and color some eggs and get rid of all those candy filled eggs!

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  1. Oh, I am so with you on the egg issue at Easter. We get tattoos etc. to stuff the plastic eggs with for the egg hunt. They still drive me crazy! Glad you dropped by my blog and that you also like PJ and Eddie Vedder. :)
    Gems xx