Tuesday, April 26, 2011

V is for the Voices I hear in my head!

V is for the Voices that I hear in my head! Do you have these inner voices? Sometimes they are very helpful, but at other times the voices can hinder. I  always listen to the voices in my head but I don't always do what they're telling me to do. I sometimes give the voices names and I talk back to them.(does that make me craaaazzzzy????) The voices don't always give the best advice. I think that knowing when to heed the voices is one major sign of being a grown up.

I'm already dreading day's x y and z!


  1. Any psychiatrist will say that if you hear voices you are seriously ill, but I know what you mean yours are different. Thoughts are funny, they can go either way. How we deal with them displays our maturity. Best wishes to you.

    Please don't dread the last three letters, you can do it.

  2. are they actual voices or just your conscience? (tell jiminy i said hello =)
    happy v day!

  3. I know what you mean. It's the good vs bad sitting on your shoulder giving you advice one way or another. New follower! gigglelaughcry.blogspot.com