Wednesday, April 20, 2011

q is for quiet

Q is for Quiet.  And boy do I need some today. Peace and quiet. I work part-time at an elementary school with learning disabled students. Most days I enjoy my job. Today, I was pulled from my regular students to sub in 5th grade. Do you have any idea how annoying and disrespectful 5th grade students are? I hope you never learn.  So, after a stress filled day of 5th graders, I'm having a nice cold glass of Moscato and some well-deserved peace and quiet!


  1. LOL I am Pararpro and I work with only 5th grade. So I know where you are coming from, but in defense of my 5th graders, try high school kids sometime. Want to talk annoying and disrespectful. Enjoy your peaceful evening!

  2. I taught sixth grade for eight months. Eight months because finishing out the school year felt impossible. Enjoy your restful evening, you earned it!